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Get to know us:

Hello Everyone…

I am a mum of 4 which includes twins and I’d like to share the birth of Bump2Beyond with you…

After many hours of trying to pass on or sell my quality and well-looked after baby and kids toys, clothes, equipment and the list goes on… I was starting to lose hope and patience in mankind, perhaps the plot! Online and auction sites was just so time consuming and at the same time my attic was continuing to groan with the weight of kids goods, never mind the groaning of my husband’s exasperation.  I thought long and hard, and one night after a tough day at the office, I had an epiphany!  It was a concept that I had often dreamed of but never had the opportunity to pursue due to a demanding full-time job and motherhood.  However, I decided that it was time to embark on a journey and find a way to sell my goods onto other families, but also where other parents could have the same opportunity to buy and sell and to look and touch the products too.  I knew what it was like having to find quality equipment and baby items on the auction sites and all I wanted to provide mums2be and families was an opportunity to purchase beautiful brand-name baby and kids items in a happy and friendly environment and at a fraction of the high street prices.   This is when my idea starting becoming a reality and I was really excited to pursue my dream.

With over 20 years of business management, including in the public sector, I felt my skills were finally utilized to fulfil the dream of positively supporting families by hosting the Nearly New Sales and working around my very busy family.

Bump2Beyond Baby & Kids Nearly New Sales was established to give families the opportunity to sell their quality, preloved baby and children’s items to other families face-to-face in a friendly and happy environment. We spend so much time on social media and auction sites buying and selling, taking photos, writing lengthy descriptions, going through price wars, then packaging, going to the post office or once the sale agreed, let down by the buyer.  This process of selling is so time consuming and frustrating but with Bump2Beyond Nearly New Sales events its quick, fun and you SELL!

Baby & Kids Nearly New Sales provides an environment where Sellers have the ability to SELL their beautiful preloved goods to other families, keeping 100 % of the money they make on the day. It is a great opportunity and an environment full of excitement and buzz for both sellers and buyers. Buyers know that they are able to save their £££’s and receive bargains of quality, gorgeous nearly new items.

Bump2Beyond also welcomes local businesses, health & well-being stalls with baby, child and parent interests the opportunity to sell or promote their unique products and services at our Baby & Kids Nearly New Sales. It’s a great opportunity for ‘mumdadpreneurs’ to show off their beautiful products or services to the parents.

All the locations of our Bump2Beyond Nearly New Sales are carefully selected to ensure that they are easily accessible for everyone, have parking, café facilities, family environment, comfortable and generally have good facilities.

We really do hope that you can embark in a great fun-filled journey of selling your Nearly New or unused baby & kids items at one of our venues and it’s time to have some fun doing what we love which is lots of guilt-free shopping for our beautiful family.  It’s really easy, totally rewarding and we will take you through the selling process hand-in-hand!

See you all soon!